Tap into the Amazing Power of the Angels

Peace, love, inspiration and great joy comes from connecting with the Angels. – The messengers for God, The Divine and the Universal Power.  Angels bring Inspiration, Hope and Healing to those who are guided to reach out to them.  May you be blessed by the amazing power the Angels bring to you on your life’s journey.  Gaye’s readings are insightful, powerful bringing you a sense of healing, resolve, clarity and also messages from your loved ones

Gaye is an award winning international author of 4 oracle decks winning the inspirational card deck of the year 2016.  With over 25 year’s experience in working with the Angels, following their guidance, receiving their blessings and inspiration, talking to and listening to their words of wisdom. 

As a business woman/spiritual and life coach, psychic medium Gaye’s consultations have included celebrities -  CEO’s in corporations to the entrepreneur starting out in the business world -  the everyday person seeking guidance and trying to live their best life.  Expect to be uplifted, inspired, empowered and experience healing as Gaye ignites magic and miracles through the medium of Angels.

May you be blessed and fly with the Angels.

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Gaye Guthrie

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